Why We Love The Soap Business.

We wanted to be involved in a business that was useful as well as beautiful. In this modern age  we are inundated with endless widgets that are in one day  then out of favor by the next. Soap on the other hand is a product that everyone needs and uses on a daily basis. Sure there are all types of commercial soap on the market but who knows what nasty impact they have on the environment and on our body?   We find that making soap is just the most beautiful business in the world. On a daily basis we as a couple are working together handcrafting something good and we are engulfed in this amazing environment that is not only smells delicious but is deliciously creamy to use. Our customers are the type of people who are intelligent , environmentally conscious folks, people  we just love to hang out with.

Our soap makes you happy.

We want people to be happy and it’s just not possible to be unhappy when someone smells all these heavenly scents and for just a few pennies they can transport themselves to Morocco by showering with our Dream Scents of Marrakesh or wash the days stress away with our French Lavender bar. Making and selling soap is just clean fun…..that’s the bottom line…it’s just fun.


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  1. Hi. I can’t seem to find your contact information. I purchased a few bars of your soap a weekend ago and I had a question regarding the shaving bar. My son is a skilled woodturner and we are wondering if we can soften/melt your soap, pour it into a small, wooden bowl, and then cool it so it resets. Will it harden again?

    1. Hi, I purchased some of your ” dragons blood” soap last summer when we were visiting and we feel in love with the smell. My mother still carries around a small piece of soap in her purse. She demanded that I purchase more soap this summer…lol. Unfortunately , I can’t find you. I am in town only until Friday July 01 and I Need to purchase some of the soap. Is there anyway I can meet you to but some soap?

  2. I visited Canada and PE.I. last September and bought some of your soap at an out door Sunday Market (I think it was??) I love it and plan to order more. A shampoo bar for my daughters and some of the other sented soaps. You have a great product, it lathers up beautifully in the shower and smells great!

    So very glad I tried it and it was great that you gave away small samples with a “Thanks for your Order” card so I could try another type. Placing an order now! Thx

  3. J’adore vos savons j’aimerais en commander une douzaine
    Cependant il n’y a aucune instruction pour passer une commande et ouvrir un compte
    Commercial avec vous?
    Merci de me guider

    roxanemakian 8 @ gmail.com

  4. Hi Folks:

    I just purchased 3 of your beautiful handcrafted soaps this past weekend. I can’t tell you enough how wonderful they are. I was also thrilled to hear about your cow rescue work. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t wait to talk to my sister-in-law in Boston and rave about the soap and the cows.

    So, now I will be really stocking up on your soap and will also try some of your other products. Please tell me some more about the cows as I am sure others want to know more too. Will you be at the Three Oaks Craft Fair?

    Thanks for a great product and for your work on behalf of the cows.


    Deborah Carson

  5. I just purchased a few of your bars of soap last weekend at the craft fair and in love with them! My daughter has extreme cradle cap and the fresh rain completely cured it! Amazing!!! I was wondering if you will be heading to Charlottetown so I can place another order! Please email me! LOVE your products!!!

  6. Hi there!

    I purchased some of your soap this past weekend at the Three Oaks Craft Fair and it is simply FANTASTIC! Smells fabulous while leaving my skin feeling clean and soft.

    I will absolutely be taking you up on your offer to visit your rescue farm at some point in the future! I want to meet that very happy cow you told me about!

    Thank you for devoting yourselves to such wonderful work – for both humans and animals 🙂


    1. wanting to know if you have a store front somewhere or if you sell anywhere local. just live on the Commercial Rd.

      1. Hi,
        You are always welcome to come to our farm store.
        We are on 10466 Normans road in Murray River,rte #4 High Bank.
        Montague Health Food Store (the Turning Point),also carries our products.
        Gordon and Lal Mac Millan.1-902-326-8511

  7. We have been using most of these products for over 2 years. Amazing products, great prices, wonderful people! It just makes sense to use these wonderful products! Fast shipping great turn around time.

  8. Medicated cream works wonders. Having trouble ordering on line, wish I could phone in my order

  9. I purchased basil anti wrinkle cream while in PEI and love it and need more but can’t figure out how to do that as I live in Ontario. Can I PLEASE order some?

  10. Good afternoon. I live in Charlottetown and I heard about your bug – off product and I have actually tried it (my sister has some). I love it and would like to stock up before we head out camping this summer. Is there anywhere I can purchase it locally so I don’t have to deal with the shipping costs?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Do you have a street Number or phone number where I can pick up some of your product in Charlottetown ? Or are you in Moncton ?

  11. I chatted with you a week ago at the TOSH Christmas Fair, explaining that in my younger days I never had any problems with my skin, but now that I am older, it has been one outbreak after another. You suggested your zit stick and tea tree/oil or oregano soap. Now a week later, my skin is clear. What wonderful products. I will definitely be a customer for life now……

  12. Good morning,
    I’m curious as to where you’re located? Ontario? I’m trying to find a local source for natural products.
    Thank you Jackie

  13. I live in Ontario and will be visiting PEI in June. I would like to purchase some of your product. Where can I find you?

  14. It is always a pleasure to come to Murray Harbor during Summer and find your beautiful products! This year I tried a few new products including your basil wrinkle-free cream and I love it! I bought every last French lavender soap at the Murray Harbor general store just to make sure I had enough for myself and a few to give away as gifts. I am delighted to find such wonderful natural products. For me, your products are truly the best and so affordable. Thanks for these beautiful products 🙂

    Une très belle découverte.

  15. Hi
    I was just in Halifax and purchased some of your Psychedelic 60’s soap and I checked your site and don’t see it listed. Do you not make it anymore?

  16. On August 8, 2017 I wrote a comment concerning my disappointment in your product. You immediately contacted me and expressed your desire to replace this jar of cream “Just One” at no cost to me. Today I received not only one replacement jar but another one as well. I have already tried the cream and found it to be as nice as the day I had used it at your market display. I thank you for your promptness in replying to my comment and for receipt of the cream. I will use this cream daily, a very good product.

  17. Hi! I was in PEI last month and bought some of your products. I would love to purchase more. I cannot get to the checkout. Do you ship to nova scotia?

  18. While visiting PEI about 2 years ago, I purchased a “Pain Away” lotion bar that my husband just loved, but I don’t see it listed for purchase on your website. Is it still one of your available products? If so, I would love to buy some!

  19. Hi , I don’t know how else to contact you…
    I placed an order last night and was wondering if you could add a few business cards in the parcel, I am giving those as Christmas gifts and would give the cards as a promo for you! I would need three.
    We absolutely love your products. I missed you at the three oaks craft fair, hopefully will see you in 2018! Thanks in advance , Johanne

  20. Can you only buy your products online or do you sell them somewhere? Thanks!

  21. I can’t find your contact info.
    I purchased a product from you back in 2015 that’s simply labeled “salve”
    It’s an awesome product that I recently found works wonders on my chickens wounds (works great for humans too but I’ve fallen in love with it as a chicken remedy)
    Anyways I can’t find it on your webpage and am worried you don’t make it anymore.
    Any way I can request a batch and I’ll even buy the whole batch if I need to but please please I need more! 🙂

  22. I bought a jar of Eczema/Psoriasis Skin Cream while I went to PEI in Oct 2017 and I found that it works really well, but my jar is almost empty now. I would like to order more jars, can you tell me how long can I keep them since there is no expiry date on the jar itself or should I just order one jar at a time. Thanks.

    1. Hi Anne,
      The product lasts at least a year with no negative effects…Placing in the refrigerator
      would help it last longer.
      Hope that helps,
      Gordon and Lal Mac Millan.

  23. I was in PEI this past week and purchased aome of your products. They are lovely!! I have a store in Ontario and I’m wondering if you sell wholesale.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  24. Hello! I purchased a bar of “Lilacs and Lilies” soap in Jennifer’s of Nova Scotia souvenir store yesterday because the scent is identical to these white flowers that reminded me of my childhood in China. Old ladies would sell baskets of these flowers attached to a little pin so you could wear it and smell nice. http://5b0988e595225.cdn.sohucs.com/images/20170829/9061448667a04f04872e5a78e76a2d70.png Thank you so much for this amazing blend of oils… I think I will keep this with me and not use it!

  25. Hi there,

    We had touched base a few weeks ago at the Queens Street Farmers Market in town. I work for the UPEI Student Union and we were discussing you calculating a quote for me on about 100-150 sample size shampoo bars for our environment week happening in mid-October. I was just hoping we could connect to get a quote and see if this is still a possibility! Send me an email at your earliest convenience please!
    – Tessa

  26. Good day. Can you point me in the direction of a scent that is suitable for men? Thanks!

  27. Hi, a few years ago I contacted you twice about your toothpaste but got no answer. I looked at all the comments above and don’t see any with your response to them… And how do we find a way to contact your business? I have never seen a website with no contact details. Please, make it more friendly to your customers by including a contact page on your site.
    I have been trying to reach out to you as I purchased my usual Dragon Blood a couple months ago, but when I unwrapped it, it was white and no scent. Ok, so people make mistakes sometimes so I let it go although I sure missed smelling good after my shower! A few weeks ago, I purchased another Dragon Blood at my usual health food store in Montague, and once again, it was white and had no smell. I don’t want to pay $6.50 and not get what I purchased. Can you please contact me about this and may be replace these 2 soaps with the ones I actually believed I was getting? That would be awesome because now I am nervous about buying your soap again and not get what I am paying for.
    Anne Leblanc

    1. Hi Anne,
      Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.
      I did provide Frank at the turning point with two new soaps ,so he can give them to you for the unscented ones you had previously
      Sorry I didn’t see your comment till now.
      Gordon and Lal Mac Millan.

  28. Do you have an outlet in Charlottetown?

    1. Yes at Northern Watters Wool shop on Victoria row.
      thanks for your interest.
      Gordon and lal mac millan.

  29. I don’t see my favorite soap listed any more – Sweeter Than Honey.

    Is there a chance I can stop by your place to pick up an order?

    1. Always welcome to pick up at the farm.

  30. Gord and Lal,
    My daughter and son-in-law bought me some of your PEI Bonfire soap while in PEI this year. I don’t generally like scented soaps but really enjoy the using it. It does have a wonderful earthy scent, thankfully without the smell of ashes. I tried to buy online but could not find it. Is Campfire the same? Its description mentions 2 of the same main ingredients. Let me know. Thanks for your skill and care in producing fine products.

  31. Hello,

    Do you have any Nag Champa spray available? Are you at any of the Christmas fairs coming up?

    1. Yes we have.
      Last fair at Murray Harbour this coming Friday evening and Saturday 9-2.

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