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Sandalwood essential oil is created from the sandal wood tree. This tree is common in Asia, particularly in India where most of the essential oil is produced. The tree has to be at least 30 years old before it can be used to create the oil. The oil is extracted from the heartwood or the roots of the tree through steam or water distillation. The resultant oil is a thick substance that has a slightly sweet woody smell and a light yellow/brown color.

The essential oil has many uses both in the cosmetic and food industries. It is used as a fragrance in many blends of perfume. It is also used to scent soaps, shower gels and shampoos. In the food industry it is used as a flavor additive to many drinks and processed foods.

However as part of aromatherapy, it has a number of healing qualities. These qualities have been discovered by using the oil for differing ailments or has been passed down from medical traditions like Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese practices.

In terms of skin care, it is useful for Acne, dry or cracked skin. It can be blended with other oils and massaged into the affected areas or it can be added to soap and used to wash the affected area.

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