Dragons’ Blood


Ah!..Dragons Blood….So many great memories come alive when you use this soap bar..Go ahead…Make your own day!

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2014-11-23 12.39.16Well the name says it all!

An intriguing blend of spice and fantasy creates this scent that defies description,though is loved by all.

A great soap choice for the more adventurous,or for those tired of the same ol’ scents.

You’ll be back for more,so please make sure you order enough.

The base of this fine soap is our tried and tested Virgin Olive Oil/Coconut Oil/Palm Oil/and a goodly blend of Colloidal Oatmeal/which together gives our soaps the creamy lather that has made us famous.

“Come-On-OM”…we’ll be glad to serve you up some Suds”

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